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Admissions Process

Thank you for considering KinderKids International School.​

We accept children from the ages of 18 months to 5 years for our preschool (Creche – Kindergarten 2) and older for our primary school.

New students are largely admitted at the beginning of each school academic year in September. However, within a school term the school may decide to admit students on a case by case basis provided there is a vacancy.


It is important to note that the Admissions Office will only communicate with a parent or legal guardian.  If a child is in the care of an adult who is not the parent, the Admissions Office will require a letter of authorization from the parent(s) stating that the adult is able to act on their behalf in the affairs of the child.


Below is a step-by-step overview of our admission process.

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Admissions Process

Supporting documents

We require the following to be submitted to the school in addition to the Admission Form before admission can be reviewed.


  • Birth Certificates (proof of age)

  • Previous school reports if applicable.

  • Two (2) Passport size Photographs.

  • Immunization Records

  • Clean bill of health from your doctor/healthcare provider and completed medical forms (Immunization, Health information, and Examination forms).

If there is vacancy, we shall process your admission and update you with our final decision within 5-10 working days of receiving payment and all documentation.


PLEASE NOTE  Parents/Guardians whose wards have been offered admission shall be required to pay the school’s admission fee, as confirmation of their acceptance of admission within 14 days, failure of which admission shall be rescinded.


Admission letters will be issued to parents of accepted children.


Acquire and complete the Application for Admission Form


Parents seeking admission for their children have to pick up an Admission Form from the school. This contains a complete list of information required by the school.

Call: (+233) 0303 965 181
        (+233) 0247 255 555


Submit all required information


Submit your filled Admission Form and all required information. It is required all forms be on file at the school before the first day of school.


Pay Registration / Admission Fee


Submit your Registration / Admission Fee Slip to the school before September. We only accept payments into the school's Bank account and proof of payment produced as evidence of payment.




Pre-conditions for admission are as follows:

  • The child must be of the class-appropriate minimum age by 31 st of August. (Click on the link below for KIS age and class guide to know what age a child must be to qualify for each class year. )

  • The applicant’s needs, in the opinion of the Principal, can be managed within the School’s provision.

  • The child’s present School (if applicable) must report satisfactory attitudes and conduct on the part of the child and parent(s).

  • Fees (if applicable) must have been paid up in full at the present school.

  • The family has maintained a satisfactory payment history for siblings already admitted to KIS

Age And Class Structure at Kinderkids International School.

DAFFODILS (CRECHE) 1yr 6 months





Waiting List

Where there is no vacancy, the school may go ahead with its admissions process but place a child on the waiting list, should a parent so request. Waiting list pupils shall obtain admission on a first come first serve basis, except where the time for making due financial commitment has lapsed.

Orientation Program

We encourage you to call or write to arrange a tour of our school to help you better understand the school's philosophy, and help you and your child to familiarise yourselves with the environment.​

We also conduct orientation programs for new families at the beginning of a new school year. Students who are admitted when the school year has already started also receive a one-on-one orientation from their class teachers. 

Leave of Absence 

If a child will be absent from school for a period of time and parents/ guardians wish to hold the child’s place, the full tuition fees need to be paid for the period of absence.  Failure to do so will mean a loss of the child’s place in the school and the child would only be readmitted after reapplying to the school as a new student. Admission is dependent on whether there is a place available for said child.

Have a question?

Call us for additional information or to arrange a tour.

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